Today we’re heading out to the in-laws to celebrate Mother’s Day. I have been given the task of bringing appy’s. Whenever I offer, or am asked to bring appetizers, there is always that part of me that just wants to pick up a veggie platter or go with the standard taco dip (you know, the one on the back of the Hormel chili can or inside the Philadelipha Cream Cheese box). Then there is the other side of me, that nagging little voice that says “be different!” “try something new!” So I take to my Pinterest board in search of that next crowd pleaser.

While searching through my “Party Hosting Ideas (Food)” board, I noticed a trend. Alot of the stuff I have pinned is from a blogger named The Girl Who Ate Everything. I love everything on this site! It’s not exactly for health nuts, but alot of it is SOOOO good!

For today’s visit I decided on Bloomin’ Pizza Bread and Taco Cupcakes . Maybe I should’ve waited to post this until after we tried them, but I’m taking a chance here because nothing I’ve made from this blogger has been bad! But I will update will my own photos and personal review!

If you’re still searching for some Mother’s Day munchies, or need to hand over an easy-to-do recipe for Dad and the kids to make for you, head on over to The Girl Who Ate Everything. You won’t be disappointed!

UPDATE: The reviews are in! “YUM!” Says my 18 month old niece on the Bloomin’ Pizza Bread. It came out perfect!


And the Taco Cupcakes…well let’s just say some people filled up on these and then weren’t hungry for dinner (which brings me to a valuable lesson learned today: don’t ask the guests who live furthest away to bring appy’s because if they’re late, for any number of reasons, it can throw off the whole feeding frenzy schedule!) These came out awesome!



I highly recommend trying these two recipes out! Very easy and huge hits! I prepared both of these receipes the night before. For the bread, I stuffed it and wrapped it in foil and kept it in the fridge. Right before baking I removed the foil and brushed on the butter, garlic and seasonings. The tacos I did everything up to putting them in the oven. I couldn’t get two layers on the tacos as the recipe called for. So my second layer consisted only of taco meat and cheese. I used my cupcake carrier to transport the tacos too…very convenient!