So there’s alot going on in the world when it comes to bugs and science type stuff. I don’t understand all of it so I looked for the sites that break this stuff down for the non-science type people, such as myself.


Let’s start with the 2013 Cicada Swarmageddon ( I love this name by the way!). I vaguely remember these suckers when they last invaded us 17 years ago. I remember you couldn’t walk down the sidewalk without crunching on their shells. I personally am looking forward to it! Sounds crazy since I cringe and yell for my husband at the sight of a spider! I just love the drama surrounding it, the fact that it’s a science lesson I’ll get to share with my five year old and the fact that it’s something everyone will be talking about that doesn’t involve terrorists, bombs, kidnapping, shootings, you get the idea…soon, not only will our trees, decks and driveways be covered with these noisy, mate-seeking Magicicada (that’s right, there’s different types of Cicadas!), but so will social media. Your Facebook newsfeeds will be filled with pictures, there will be Tweets galore! You need to be ready too! So here are my two favorite 2013 Cicada websites: How to Emotionally Survive the 2013 Cicada Swarmageddon and Cicada Mania: 17 Interesting Facts about the 17 year Cicada.

Next up Solar Flares! I had everyone running to the windows in my office this past week to view the ring around the sun. But what is a Solar Flare? It’s a burst of energy released from the sun and this week so far the sun has released four of these bursts, which is apparently rare. For more on solar flares in plain English go here: What are solar flares?

Finally, a few posts in my news feed on FaceBook were telling me to Save the Bees! It was enough to peak my interest and what I found was very interesting. (Speaking of bees, I forgot to mention that my husband read that the Cicadas bring on wasps, so be aware!) Bee populatinos are disappearing around the world in what’s known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Like me, many of you may be thinking to yourselves “who cares, one less pesky bug flying around my picnic!” BUT, bees are incredibly producitve members society and they must be saved! They are being killed off by pesticides and chemicals being used by big companies. (Side note: I am preparing a blog post about chemical free cleaners, baby products, organic stuff and more!) If you have some time, this is a detailed synopsis into Colony Collapse Disorder or you can check this shorter version out which include a petition you can sign to help:

Also check out this PDF on Bees: Bees